“My husband and I have been helped by the Upper Valley Hostel since about 2005. We’ve been here often for the seizure center and neuro-oncology in Dartmouth Hospital. We’re always welcomed warmly and many times a hot soup or casserole awaits! We drive 2 ¼ hours to get here, so the Hostel is a blessing, as it’s difficult for me to drive. Thank you so much for supporting this worthy cause. It has helped us in our darkest hours, and offered a light welcoming us home.”  - A Guest


“ I want to thank all of the donors and volunteers that make Upper Valley Hostel a reality for those of us in need. When a routine procedure turned into a life-threatening situation for my husband, I was alone and a long way from home. Thank you for a place that felt safe and welcoming during his two-week stay at Dartmouth. You made it possible for me and my children to remain close to the ‘rock’ that is my husband. I will never forget or be able to repay the generosity shown to us. As we begin the new normal that is our life, we return home with thanksgiving for so much including Upper Valley Hostel. Thank you and Peace.”  - A Guest


“Words can hardly express how grateful we are for the use of your “home”. It’s a 300 miles round trip for me to be with my son at the hospital and he’s been there a week today. He’ll be there for another 5 weeks + then another 4 months after for more outpatient treatment. One of my sisters is there as well with cancer. It’s all so overwhelming! This place is like an oasis in the vast desert of Cancer to me (us) right now. The cost for staying here is so low – but we can’t even afford that. Fortunately we are still able to come here. There is still hope for us! Thank you from the bottom to the top of my aching heart. God bless you. I love you.”  - A Guest


“Due to the generosity of this facility, my wife and I were able to spend time with our son who had to undergo intensive surgery at DHMC. The helpfulness and friendliness exhibited by the staff here made for a very enjoyable visit. It was like a home away from home. Since we live over 8.5 hours travel away from here, this facility was like a gift from Heaven. Hopefully, more families may have a chance to share in this blessing. Thank you all!”  - A Guest


“The Upper Valley Hostel has provided a sanctuary during this sad time. It has provided a ‘home away from home’ while I spend time with my brother at DHMC while he undergoes chemo for a cancer that he will not survive. Knowing that there is a community of people like yourself who makes this Hostel possible keeps me grounded in all that is good. Sincerely.” ~ A Guest


“We would like to express our deep gratitude to all of you who work so very hard to make Upper Valley Hostel possible. My husband’s hospital stay has been extremely stressful and knowing that I could come here at the end of the day and find a comfortable, welcoming place to stay has eased my mind very much. You all are very special people and this community is truly blessed to have you here. Thank you all so, very, very much.”   - A Guest


“Thank you all for the hospitality. In a not-so-perfect world, this is a perfect respite for those in need. It brings comfort and serenity at a time when most needed. God Bless you and this home.”  - A Guest